Make easy savings in your apartment building

Many apartment buildings are literally pouring money down the drain by unintentionally wasting water.

The WaterFix® Strata service helps you save on water bills with cost-effective and simple fixes. 

The WaterFix® Strata service is an affordable tailored service for apartment blocks to:

This service is provided to people living in apartments in the eastern suburbs by Sydney Water, in partnership with Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils. 

The best part is that the savings made on water bills can help pay for this service, with paybacks as short as one year. 

Top benefits for your apartment building

Save money on water & energy bills every year

Save precious drinking water

Fix water leaks which can damage property

Reduce future maintenance

Ease pressure on existing water supplies

Where is water used?

Click around the building to see where the water goes
  • 85% within apartments
  • 8% in shared areas
  • 7% through leaks in and around the building

Click around the building to see where the water goes

bathroom kitchen laundry basement outside cooling-tower

Simple fixes can typically save 30% in water use